Crossinology Lotus Brain Integration, LLC - Brain Integration Technique
Crossinology Lotus Brain Integration, LLC - Brain Integration Technique
Crossinology Brain Integration Technique
According to Susan McCrossin, the founder of Crossinology®: Brain Integration Technique, also known as BIT, is a comprehensive system that locates the links between learning difficulties and acupressure.  BIT combines acupressure, Applied Physiology and Chinese Medicine-based practices to permanently correct learning difficulties in children and adults. 
The Whole Brain 
What does BIT do?
The human brain performs extremely complicated electro-magnetic functions and, like any other organ, shows symptoms of stress. Under stress, the brain’s blood supply is redirected for ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ in the body, and the logic center or creative center simply shuts down. With the shutdown, the synchronization of brain function is lost and we just cannot ‘think’ clearly.
What is BIT for?
This treatment helps all kinds of learning difficulties such as attention deficit disorder (ADD) both with and without hyperactivity, sensory integration, dyslexia, poor coordination, closed head traumas and brain injuries, autism and nervous breakdowns. It enhances learning abilities and improves reading, comprehension, spelling and coordination for children as well as for adults.
 What makes BIT different from what is currently available?
Question MarkMost treatments involve medication, giving on-going exercises to do indefinitely, purely removing emotional stress, or changing the format of how material is presented to the student. The work we do actually changes the functioning of the brain.
We work with the electromagnetic flow of information in the brain and re-wire this flow internally. This specifically addresses approximately 80 different components involved in learning. For example, we can address the lateral hypothalamic nuclei to ensure correct pupillary dilation.
In addition to every aspect of the physiological functions involved in learning, we address the emotional subconscious to remove any relevant blocks to learning as well.
How long does the treatment take?
The basic correction program takes approximately ten to fifteen hours, an estimate based on the median time for treatment. The length of each person’s program varies because of individual needs. Some people with only one or two areas of deficit may take just six hours to complete the whole program, whereas others with many areas of deficit need more time.
The client may also come in for a 6-8 week post-integration follow-up. This session usually takes about one hour.
Is BIT permanent?
                          Once a person has been integrated, they will never need to be fully integrated again.  If a client were to suffer a traumatic brain injury or a concussion, I would want to see them in my office for an hour to check the brain for stress.
How quickly will I see results?
Every individual is different. Some people feel different during the treatment, and some do not feel anything until after the integration is entirely complete. The time frame can range from a few days to a few months. We enable the brain to learn. We cannot make the person learn. Therefore, external variables like family and school dynamics can affect when and how the integration takes hold. It is often the people around the integrated person who notice the changes first!
The Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique is based on the work done by Susan J. McCrossin, AP.  Information related to Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique on this website and techniques used in this practice are based on this work and more information can be found at  Thanks, Susan. 
Lotus Brain Integration, LLC, its employees and contractors have used their best efforts in preparing these pages and their publications.  We, therefore, make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with regard to the information supplied, and shall not be held liable in the event of incidental or consequential damages in connection with, or arising out of, the providing of the information offered here.  Thank you.  
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